We’re not sure what companies you have worked with in the past, but would you describe them as a “lean, mean, laser-focused, collaborative machine”? If your answer is, “No, but now I want to work with a company like that”, then please keep reading. Remedy is a digital media agency in the Atlanta area that prides itself on “creating exceptional content, period”. During this interview with Remedy’s Creative Director, Ryan Kenny, read what prospective clients can expect when they team up with Remedy Films. 


A Whole Army


“The team at Remedy is somebody who, hypothetically, if you were going off to war somewhere, you’d want this team out there with you.” 


When Ryan talks about the team at Remedy, he describes it as clients getting a whole army. A word that is consistently brought up is “collaborative”. He talks about how every team member is encouraged to share his/her ideas and how this is a necessary part of the creative process. Ryan starts his creative process with lots of research, then comes up with ideas, and then asks for other’s opinions. He mentions a few times how he always wants a fresh point of view during the creative process because he believes a one-sided perspective can eventually lead to problems. 


“I like it when people tell me my idea sucks. It helps me know I’m not on the right track. I don’t want to get so far into an idea and then have to go back to square one.”


He explains how the collaboration and communication within Remedy Films is something unique and unlike most other agencies. 


High Caliber of Ideas 


Ryan explains how every person at Remedy is very skilled in the position they were hired for, but that people are still switching hats day-to-day. 


“It’s like having 8 Berts from Mary Poppins playing all these different instruments.”


Ryan explains that projects, even just in the creative stage, evolve with the contributions of everyone’s ideas. He explains that it is important in a company for people to see their ideas in the finished project. He goes on to say that after each project the team discusses what could’ve been done better or just differently which allows the team to constantly get better and grow. 


When explaining why this is an important aspect to Remedy, Ryan says that he likes to explain to clients that the caliber of ideas they’re going to get from Remedy is going to be a substantially huge bang for their buck. From his previous experience, he has seen that other agencies tend to charge more and even for lower quality production and client experience.


How Can Remedy Films Come Alongside Your Company? 

So, what does all of this mean for prospective clients? It means you can expect an open-minded group of skilled individuals to give you an exceptional piece of content and high-quality creativity for your brand. It means Remedy will listen to your needs, goals, and vision and propose a video to best tell the story of your product, service or brand. If your company is ready to take the next step with Remedy visit their website to contact, then check out their Youtube page to discover more work.