Remedy Films can deliver anything from a web brand commercial to a 4k feature film.  When you hire Remedy Films, you hire a carefully built team of creatives that work together like a powerful vehicle. We have different moving parts with different purposes and roles, but when we use them all together for one purpose we get to our destination quickly and with excellence. We live to create engaging and effective video content that altars the way people view the world around them. Doing things different and better is our daily fuel, but making each client a Raving Fan is our ultimate hope. We believe that creative minds coupled with amazing cinema cameras can transform any story from ordinary to Epic, no matter the subject. Our team of creatives can turn-key any project or simply aid with a specific stage of the production process. From story boarding, concept generation, location scouting, media strategy, location and studio production, aerial cinematography, slow motion and After Effects, our team can take your crazy idea to an impressive reality all while focusing on the most important part of the process, customer service.


Remedy Films has always been known for their use of bleeding edge technology to create stunning cinematography. Continuing this trend since 2007, Remedy Films is one of the only companies in the world to own and operate multiple Phantom slow motion cinema cameras. Our flagship for the last few years has been the Phantom Miro LC320s, which shoots an astounding 1536 frame per second (fps) at 1080p, but now we added the fastest high resolution camera ever manufactured to our arsenal, the Phantom Flex 4k. The Phantom Flex 4k shoots 1000fps at full 4k RAW! Whether you have a commercial, feature film, tv spot or branding piece to create the Phantom is one piece of equipment that can’t be replaced or replicated. We’d love to help develop a concept with you that will stand out from all the other video production noise in today’s market.
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Jamie Graff
Jamie Graff
Founder | Producer
Jamie Graff is the founder and chief doer at Remedy Films. He follows through on the crazy and creative ideas the team dreams up. While He runs the daily business operations, he is equally gifted with creativity behind a camera. If he had the choice, he would fill his sleepless time of day with surfing, paddleboarding, shooting with the Phantom Flex, photography, woodworking and anything else with his hands. The common thread in everything he does is creation. Jamie craves adventure and good food. He is kept grounded by his amazing wife, Jennifer, and learning daily how to be a dad to his beautiful daughter, Kora.
Shawn Herold
Shawn Herold
Cinematographer | Pilot
Shawn Herold is the Man of Many Talents at Remedy Films. He is the definition of Technician. Give this guy any task and he will tackle it; or learn how to do it and then tackle it with excellence. He is the quality and durability tester of every piece of gear that comes through our doors. If it can survive a day or two in Shawn’s hands, it can survive most anything (good thing he also knows how to repair everything). He has more hours at the helm of a drone controller and Ronin, than most video professionals have behind a camera. Shawn is a thrill seeker! Message him, he’ll take you up on any crazy idea you have in mind.

Jennifer Graff
Jennifer Graff
Casting | Office Manager
Jennifer Graff basically does all the things at Remedy Films creatives don’t do and the person that keeps the team ticking. She is a strategic project manager who gets things done. She is behind the scenes with casting, production management, office management, travel….and so much more, we can’t list. She is the smartest member of the team, with a PhD in Material Science and Engineering and an undergraduate degree in Physics, but spends her time pursuing her true passion of acting for commercial, tv and film. She loves dogs, being a mom, paddle boarding, living at the lake and laughing at life.


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