The brands that survive the Covid-19 pandemic are going to be hard-pressed to navigate the new landscape without some very serious marketing strategies in place. As every business scrambles to come up with a path forward, Remedy is ready to trailblaze and clear the way for our clients with some solutions that are sure to help both parties come out ahead of the pack. We’ve already helped our clients pivot during this time and create relevant marketing content

One of our driving initiatives is to create brand partnerships with clients in order to strengthen the foundations of each organization and ourselves. We believe a brand partnership can stabilize and strengthen your company in the months to come. We’d love to talk with you and your team about how we can partner together to increase engagement, communicate on brand and amplify your sales. 

Consistency Is Key

A strategic brand partnership is when two companies come together to create new value for each other through collaborative projects, services, products, and content. There are many benefits to partnering with a marketing agency long-term rather than shopping around project by project. Not only will you have consistency in the team with which you are communicating, you will have consistent branding and messaging throughout your platforms. By choosing a video and photo production company on a per project basis, you are allowing your brand to market creative content on a varying spectrum of styles and quality. The inconsistency of this will translate into your overall brand marketing which may leave your audience confused. When you choose to partner long term with an agency, you are signing up for a consistent high standard quality and caliber of creative work produced for years to come.  

Our Brands Thrive Together

We value being true marketing partners with our clients. We collaborate together through the whole process from concept brainstorming to final deliverable. While we still create one-off projects for various brands, we feel we really excel at being a marketing partner who can support your brand for years to come. Since we’ve been able to work with some of our clients for years, we are now able to be proactive marketing partners for these teams. We’ve come to know our clients and our clients’ audiences so well that we can pitch concepts we know will land well with their customers. 

We were able to do this recently with one of our clients, Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC). We knew part of their social audience are their contractors and during stay at home mandates their contractors were considered essential workers. We pitched a concept to repurpose existing footage we’d previously captured for their brand and reimagine it into a new video highlighting and thanking their contractors. As a content and marketing partner for RWC, we often create and pitch concepts that we believe will elevate their brand. So, with a shift in the market due to Covid-19, we saw a need for a pivot in their marketing strategy and we were able to provide marketing concepts that would be useful and valuable to them during that time. When teaming up with us, the resulting brand partnership becomes a marketing powerhouse.

Everyone Needs Video Marketing 

Video marketing content is one of the most powerful and profitable forms of inbound marketing content being leveraged by companies today – 88% of the companies using video marketing say that video content provides a positive return on their investment. And 85% of businesses are using videos across their inbound marketing infrastructure to attract clients. The problem is, while you might have a great service or product on offer, video production and marketing might not be your forte. 

Luckily for you, this Atlanta-based video production company, Remedy, has years of experience creating engaging and profitable commercial-grade videos for businesses. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your video production, photography, or overall marketing strategy. We’d love to start a conversation.