When the whistle blows your team needs to be off the bench and ready to play. There’s no buffer time. If you wait until the whistle blows to start warming up, then you’ve lost; you’re out of the game. Atlanta video production company  video production companies  Atlanta video production companies 

The same goes with marketing your business during a recession or in this case, a pandemic. If you wait to start creating marketing content, then you’ve lost your claim on customer territory. Right now, you can make your marketing dollars stretch longer than you’ve ever been able to get them to stretch. 

Take this time as your warm up. Invest in your own business and marketing plan now, so when the economy begins to grow again you’ll have a marketing arsenal that’s ready to go. Not sure what to focus on or how you should approach and invest in your marketing plan? Here are 3 Ways to Invest In Your Business During a Pandemic. Best video production companies in atlanta

New Product or Service Launch

Make your customers excited about your business reopening by announcing a new product or service or by marketing your existing products and services as something new and specific in response to the pandemic. We’ve pitched the latter concept to one of our clients who offers company team building retreats. We’ve partnered with Lanier Islands resort to create a proactive marketing plan. We pitched a concept to show the importance of company teams coming back together and how important team building will be after spending time apart. So, even though Lanier Islands isn’t having team building retreats right now, they can proactively market themselves as a business necessity whenever offices come back together. This concept would be an excellent campaign to use on a website or to share on social media. See how Remedy can create content for your brand’s product or service.

Brand Story

What better way to hit the ground running than by sharing your company’s brand story. This message is more important than ever. Through this video your business can show how it has made it through this difficult time and still continues to thrive. This is a great way to communicate to your current and potential customers what your brand is all about, create brand excitement, and build loyalty along the way. See an example here of a brand story we created for one of our clients. 

Comeback Story

A concept we’re excited about and have pitched to clients is to tell your company’s “Comeback Story”. This is an important video because it allows your brand to empathize with the hard times your customers have gone through and share the hope of good things to come. This piece will show that although the business landscape may be changed forever, it will still need a jumping-off point to pivot into what’s next. This is something you can plan with us at Remedy right now, so we can be ready to shoot whenever the day comes for your employees to come back to work. This project could feature B-roll of your company’s long awaited reopening moments along with interviews of employees and/or managers which can be cut into pieces for social media, email campaigns, and/or website content. There are a variety of options to capture this content and we’d love to start a conversation with you today about how we can tell your company’s “Comeback Story”. 


So, whether you take this time to capture content for a new product or service launch, a brand story or plan for a Comeback Story, Remedy can help you accomplish your goals. It’s time to get to work and start warming up so when the whistle blows your company is set up well and ready to win. Let Remedy help your brand win