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Rumi's Kitchen

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Reviewing shots from interview at Rumi's Kitchen

Explore how we navigated through the challenges of shooting in a live restaurant.


Capturing the Culture & Atmosphere

Rumi’s Kitchen is the essence of Persian dining and hospitality. The owners are passionate about the food, atmosphere, and attracting top-tier talent to serve in their restaurants. So, when Rumi’s approached us to capture a compelling story to attract and inspire potential hires to be a part of Rumi’s Kitchen, we were excited to partner up.

Rumi's Kitchen Video Interview


It’s not just hospitality; it’s next level, genuine hospitality and attention to detail that makes the experience at Rumi’s so special. Rumi’s has built a family-like culture of hard-working team members with a customer-first mentality. The Remedy team is very passionate about our own culture too, so we understood Rumi’s vision. We thought, what better way to attract top-talent, than for their current team members to speak into the culture and benefits of working at Rumi’s Kitchen. We chose employees with a variety of work experience at Rumi’s, different positions, and backgrounds to tell an authentic story about the restaurant’s culture and their personal and professional growth with Rumi’s. We wanted to couple the Rumi’s staff experiences with the live authentic experience felt by every Rumi’s Kitchen customer.


Being in a live restaurant meant our interviewees were working to serve and engage with customers, deliver timely and hot meals, and continue to go the extra mile with attention to detail, all while stepping aside for interviews in between table service. This brought its own challenge as we constantly navigated shot changes and setups around customer dining. We were discreet about equipment, cameras, and positioning of our team in the restaurant so as not to disrupt the customer experience. We shot 14 hours of footage in total. Our team learned quickly how to anticipate where servers would walk or what customers would do. Our shot list was detailed but flexible. We wanted to be sure that we were capturing the best content with minimal interference with the customers’ experience at Rumi’s. This meant that our shot list and shot timing we’re a moving target each day and required our team to be much more flexible and on our toes throughout the days of production.

Rumi's Kitchen Video Interview
Rumi's Kitchen Video Interview


The creativity and expertise of three directors along with fresh, delicious Persian food made this production one to remember. Three days of production at Rumi’s Kitchen in Sandy Springs, allowed our team the timing to capture amazing content as we navigated every area of a Persian restaurant. Our directors each have unique creative gifts and we utilized those specialties as we shot customer interactions, interviews, food preparation and highlights, as well as run and gun customer service. We brought out our best equipment for this production with our Canon C200 with Cinema Prime lenses, Phantom Flex 4k and a Ronin M with a GH5 for the Gimbal.


Zest for Life on Screen

There is so much passion among the owners and staff at Rumi’s Kitchen and we’re honored they chose Remedy to tell their story. We were personally blown away by Rumi’s staff. Their zest for life, serving others, and ability to create an amazing atmosphere for many people (not to mention amazing food) has us wanting more. Rumi’s owner, Stephen, has created a special culture and atmosphere which makes his satisfaction with the Remedy team mean that much more.

Thank you guys so much for everything. The video is amazing.  Anyone who I have shown it to at the company has cried.  You guys nailed it.  The story was amazing and you guys did an incredible job. Everyone who has listened to it got chills. Looking forward to the next phase!


Owner, Rumi's Kitchen

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