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21 Tequila

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Behind the Scenes 21 Tequila Video Shoot

Dive into our innovative concept for this smooth, high-quality and family-owned tequila.


Tequila that makes you do a double take.

The owners of 21 Tequila, Brandon Bellinger and his brother, sought to create a tequila that as he puts it “makes you do a double take—and not in the way the plastic handle of mystery stuff in college did.” The brothers boast their handpicked, family-farmed, 100% Blue Weber Agave bottled in a food grade stainless steel.

When they came to us at REMEDY we were intrigued by the passion for their craft and ingenuity to solve a seemingly-impossible problem. This was a brand that didn’t settle for what was available but saw a need and created their own solution. We saw this as an opportunity to get creative and think outside of the box within the food and beverage industry.

21 Tequila Bottle on table


We chose to create the Apple Cider Margarita recipe from 21 Tequila’s website because it would allow us to capture the vibrant colors from the apple, orange, and lime. 

We gathered our inspiration from the product itself. Our creative was influenced not only by the gold and silver flavors of the tequila but also by 21 Tequila’s unique gold and silver stainless-steel bottles. We took this inspiration and envisioned other gold and silver products. We landed on the idea of records going gold and platinum, and you can’t have records without a DJ. So, we added the “Mixologist” element where our bartender would be mixing both drinks and music.

We wanted to be strategic about our set dec and lighting for this project. For our opening and closing shot we planned a wide shot showing a filled table top resembling both a kitchen counter and a DJ’s sound desk. We planned on using a record player, some of the brightly colored ingredients, and different tools to make the drink. Our creative director took inspiration from a favorite bar in NYC where the color of the lights would change based on the music. He wanted to make sure we captured a similar high-end, sophisticated mixology feeling. By shooting on our white cyc wall we could use colored gels to create a fun and engaging backdrop. We chose red as our first gel to give the vibes of the cinnamon and apple from the margarita and then chose blue as the complementary gel.

21 Tequila Music Record Video Shoot
21 Tequila DJ Video Shoot
21 Tequila Record Video Shoot


Something fun that presented a challenge during this shoot was we tried to actually slice the apple with the knife mid-air. However, after multiple attempts, we were not accomplishing the goal. Fortunately, one of our cinematographers had an idea and some fishing wire in his car. We ended up hanging the apple from the fishing wire in order to perfectly slice it for the shot.

21 Tequila Behind the Scenes Video Shoot
Attaching fishing wire for 21 tequila shot
21 Tequila Record Video Shoot


There was one day of production for this shoot which included lighting and shooting. We shot with our Canon C200 with Cinema Prime lenses, Phantom Flex 4k, and robot. We used 2k lights with filters to create our colorful backdrop to complement the colors from the fruits in the recipe. Half of the day was spent lighting the set and capturing the intro and outro shots. The intro and outro were our anchor shots for the whole story and our opportunity to really highlight 21 Tequila’s brand. We shot these first because once we began shooting the prep of the ingredients we knew the record player was going to get  a little messy. The rest of the day was used for shooting the creation of the drink. This took longer because this was our time to really show off creative angles. Since the opening and closing shots were wide establishing shots, we wanted to take advantage of our tight shots prepping the ingredients.


Exciting New Possibilities

We loved creating branded content for 21 Tequila and they loved it too. We’re excited to partner with 21 Tequila for some more amazing content and we’re thankful for the opportunity to test new concepts and produce some kickass branded content for them.

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