The business landscape is vast, and its inhabitants are diverse and extremely competitive. While your brand can help you stand out from the crowded space, it can sometimes also be a factor that is holding your business back. In fact, brand plays such a crucial role in your organization’s success that on average, companies reinvent their corporate identities once every 7 to 10 years. This could be necessary even sooner if you find yourself re-envisioning your product or target audience, or find yourself competing in a channel of the economy that has come to be populated by brands almost indistinguishable from one another. 

Whatever the driving factor, aligning your brand identity with your products and services requires your marketing partner to execute a very specific and detailed deep dive into your customer’s mindset, your brand’s internal and external identity, how your customers view your products and services, and much more. That’s where establishing a partnership with Remedy will not only elevate your digital footprint; but also, help your customers connect with what you offer. Aside from our extensive video, photography, web design and animation media production services, we also offer a 2-day brand intensive workshop to help our clients align their identity with their vision, the services they offer, and their customer’s needs. What does the 2-day brand intensive workshop get you? Let’s take a detailed look at the process.

Start with a Questionnaire 

Before you sit down with our team, we’ll send you a brand identity questionnaire. In that document, we’ll need you to provide us with an overview of your current branding, your vision, and your mission. You’ll also need to detail any products or services you sell, and a basic map showing the scope of your current brand footprint – social media pages, your current website, and any other branded materials or online presence. Also, we’ll ask you to outline the reasons you are seeking to rebrand, and the direction you would like to take your brand. This will help our team establish a baseline from which to work and an idea of the path forward. 

2-Day Deep Dive Brand Intensive Meeting

Once we’ve reviewed your brand questionnaire, we’ll schedule a meeting with your creative director or marketing team. During the two days of meetings, we’ll work with your team, using the roadmap of the questionnaire and our own experience and expertise to create the foundation of your new brand identity. You’ll receive a tagline, logo, brand script built to align with your business, new line of services, or new commercial product. We will support our branding package with sufficient SEO, social media, and trademark research to ensure we have created a competitive brand identity that will position your business for future success.

Build the Brand You Need to Succeed

Our goal at Remedy is to partner with you, while leveraging our expertise in video production, photography, web design, and brand development, to create and develop a bold and authentic presence with your customers. To start aligning your brand identity, contact our award-winning team of branding specialists.