As we cautiously make our way into the fourth quarter, companies across the United States are looking for ways they can adjust and adapt their marketing strategies to mitigate the wide-spread impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the economy, marketers everywhere are asking variations of basically the same sentiment: What will my business look like on the other side of the pandemic? While the long game is definitely something companies should remain aware of, it’s making it through this tough time now that more brands need to remain focused on, so that there will be a company left to navigate the aftermath.

With so many companies struggling to find their footing, we at Remedy Films (Atlanta-based video production company) have some advice for companies on how to adjust their digital marketing strategy in order to navigate current conditions and lay the groundwork for survival in the post-epidemic economy. Schedule a call with a member of the Remedy team to learn more.  

Create Engagement Where User Focus is Clustered

Social distancing orders, stay-at-home orders, shelter-in-place requirements, whatever your city or state is calling it, many Americans find themselves mandated to stay at home if their job isn’t considered an essential service. As Americans adjust to stay-at-home culture, they are changing their online content consumption, seeking out comfort and connection, ways to stay informed, and online solutions to services they once left the house to access. There are three adjustments you should make to your marketing behaviors in order to stabilize traffic and consumption of your brand across the Internet.

Social Media

Traffic across social media platforms is growing by the week, as users are looking to stay connected to family and coworkers while they navigate isolation. They are looking to the brands they love for information, for guidance, and for content they can use to improve their everyday lives or share with loved ones and friends in order to maybe solve concerns they are having. Shifting your social media content away from the hard sell to helping users navigate their new “normal” through informational and helpful posts will go a long way to maintaining and even building traffic back to your brand. Let us help you shift your marketing on social media to increase engagement for your brand and products. 


If you’re a business with an ecommerce platform, or a presence on other ecommerce platforms, it’s important to position and present your services and products in a way that aligns with your customers fundamental needs. If you have the capacity to pivot or add services and products towards this end, now is the time to do so, in order to establish and build existing and new relationships with consumers. Our team can help you market your new products and services for your brand on social media. Send us your new product and let us help you create a product video with many deliverables to use as a campaign for your website, social, and other platforms.


Post-Corona Content

Right now every person on the planet is adapting their personal and professional lives in unprecedented ways. It’s all happened so fast, and it’s anything but easy to keep all the pieces together while the world works through this new set of challenges. But as crazy as things are right now, there is an end in sight. Employees will eventually walk through office doors again. And although the business landscape may be changed forever, it will still need a jumping-off point to pivot into what’s next. Every company will have a COMEBACK story. What will yours be? Let’s partner to tell your comeback story. Take a look at our free pitch idea to market YOUR COMPANY’S COMEBACK STORY. Reach out now to get started.

Focus on Building Your Brand While Competition Draws Back 

Marketing in the current economic climate can be tricky. But not only is it important to align messaging with people’s current needs and with the types of services and products they’re looking for, it’s also crucial to maintain a marketing strategy that is forward focused. Your competition isn’t necessarily doing so themselves. In a time of financial crisis, we all want to hold tight to our pocketbook. But, regardless of your budget, you should be increasing your marketing efforts in these times. It’s important that your brand maintains a level of presence across all of your marketing channels. Read why now is the time to increase your ad spending. 

Laying the Groundwork Now for Solution-Based Marketing In Post-Coronavirus Economy

The most impactful method of marketing remains video and visual marketing created by commercial video production companies like us at Remedy Films. Our digital marketing agency and video production company here in Atlanta is here to help your brand create to engage with your audience and set the foundation for your brand’s future. Our video production services and visual marketing expertise are the perfect solution to help your company be prepared for the economy to come. To learn more, reach out to our team and let us know how we can partner together.