Marketing has become an increasingly complex and complicated process of leveraging content and information across multiple inbound and outbound channels. Not only do we need to focus on the type of creative content like photography or video production, but analytics are also a must for a marketing team. Increasingly effective data collection, tracking methods and advanced technologies allow us to dial down to the most minute performance details of each element of any given advertising campaign. We’re keeping track of where potential leads are from, how they found us, whether or not they’re ideal candidates for converting into clients, and other information. We have data about website visitors, down to how long they spend on a page, where they click, and how they engage with our brand. Find out how atlanta-based video production company, Remedy, can help with your marketing efforts. 

But that’s all behind the scenes. On the surface, it’s important to remember that we’re not the only ones vying for our clients’ attention. Between life, work, and everything in between, peoples’ brains are attempting to balance two very crucial tasks: conserve calories by ignoring information not associated with our survival or well-being, and constantly searching for the things that we do need to survive, thrive, and steer our lives in a positive direction. 

At Remedy, we understand that in our partnerships, it’s crucial we keep these two survival instincts in mind. In this blog, we’ll explore how this approach helps to create marketing strategies focused on simple messaging in order to create on-brand content that increases engagement and amplifies conversions. 

Create On-Brand Content

Your brand and branding lie at the core of how you’re identified and singled out by clients in the vast economic landscape. A strong and innovative brand identity can help you stand out in the crowd. A common mistake many businesses make however, especially if they are an established company trying to pivot in order to bring in new business, is that they go too far afield in their creative approach to content creation. The resulting marketing content is no longer easily tied back to their brand, and often leaves viewers confused as to the goal of the content and the services or products they’re being pitched. 

While you can take a creative and unique approach to your content presentation, don’t over-complicate the execution. Keep your content focused not only on your mission and your values, but also support it visually with your branding aesthetic so at first glance, even viewers with minimal experience with your company will know it’s your brand on screen. 

Create Content That Increases Engagement and Amplifies Sales

The more clients interact with your marketing content, the more apt they are to share it to peers and their connections across their social media channels. You also want content that creates a dialogue with visitors and invites them to interact with calls to action and other dynamic website elements designed to capture data and ultimately convert leads. This will have a two-fold effect of increasing sales in the short-term while setting the foundation for future growth as current clients amplify your marketing message through their own shares and word of mouth.

Rumi's Kitchen Video Project

The Strongest Partnerships Are Built Around Simplicity

Companies often forget the most efficient way to navigate the complicated marketing landscape of the modern economy is often the simplest. People don’t have the mental time or energy to try and interpret complicated marketing messages or navigate overly-clever websites in order to get to the products and services they need. They want to watch engaging videos and interact with web content that effectively guides them to the information they need. Atlanta’s leading provider of brand video production services, Remedy specializes in helping our clients create solution-based video content. With our full range of video production services, you’ll be able to increase engagement and amplify sales conversions with simple, on-brand video content. Ready for an easy, simple solution to all of your content needs? Reach out today and we’ll show you the path to succeeding with on-brand and engaging content.