As stay at home mandates lift and businesses are opening back up, we want to continue to make health and safety our main priority. We know companies want to come back and hit the ground running and they should. Brands should want to make sure their name is out there and ramp up their marketing. Since most businesses have cut down on marketing, this is your opportunity to increase marketing to gain maximum exposure. 

What better way to gain exposure and engage with your audience than with video marketing. We all know video marketing is a must in today’s digital marketing world. It’s not just something you should have but 54% of customers want to see more video content from the brands or businesses they support. With 80% of video marketers saying video has directly helped increase sales, if your business isn’t utilizing video production then it’s time to start.

Small Crew Productions 

However, while video production may look different it is not impossible. At Remedy, we are continuing to produce videos for our clients, just on a smaller scale. We are limiting crews to under 10 people and creating a healthy space for everyone from increased set cleaning to individually packaged food for craft services and catering. Another way we are creating a safe and healthy atmosphere is by live streaming our production days to our clients. This will allow our clients to watch, comment and discuss everything happening in their video without having to physically be on set. You will have a stream to exactly what our cameras are seeing, so you can have a clear picture of what is happening in real time and give your input as we go. We are excited to offer this feature so our clients will stay safe, but be fully involved on production day. 

We’ve produced many projects in the past with crews under 10 people, so we are able to provide exceptional content now and in the future with smaller crews. Check out two pieces we’ve produced with a crew of less than 10 people.

With production crews being smaller, this does not translate into smaller creative concepts or lower quality work. We are committed to producing high quality, bold content for our clients. We will continue to create projects that are at the apex of technological innovation and exceptional storytelling. 

Interested in starting your next video project with Remedy? Let us help your ideas come to fruition and produce a video marketing tool that will increase engagement, communicate on brand, and amplify your sales. Contact us to start producing bold content today.