In marketing, there’s a phenomenon companies have discovered that can be leveraged to their advantage. This phenomenon is referred to as social proof marketing, and the associated tactics are tied to how we consume and navigate social media content. It’s found that consumers engage with products more often and find more value in products endorsed by friends, family, and celebrities through shared posts, product reviews, and general exposure to new brands and services. This user generated-content can increase engagement with your customers, authentically communicate your brand or products, and amplify your sales. 


It’s true that during this time, user-generated content has become more common with the use of social media exponentially increasing, but the good news is this trend won’t be fading out anytime soon. 56% of consumers say user generated photos and videos are the content they most want to see from brands. Even as people return back to their routines, user-generated content will not be a passing fad. The last two years have shown that social media followers want to see real and authentic content from the businesses they know and trust. What better way to show authenticity than with user-generated content? It’s also the most budget friendly way to make videos. It’s a win-win!

Send Us Your Content 

In this period, large production crews aren’t gathering to film… But, you have the unique ability to reach out to your followers on social media and/or your existing clients, team members, or contractors and ask them to send you recordings of content you can’t shoot right now. First, determine your audience, their needs, and how you can best communicate with them. Do you want to promote a product, let your audience know you care, or thank your team for their hard work? Once you’ve gathered together enough user-generated content around your videos purpose, the team at Remedy can edit together the raw footage into a high-quality commercial video production to support your brand across multiple channels.  


To the Class of 2020

Our client wanted to create a user-generated video that spoke directly to her customers (new graduates). She asked her select followers: graduates of the Great Recession in 2007-2009 to video themselves giving hope and wisdom to the college graduates of 2020. She wanted them to speak about the 2008 market crash, where they were, what they did for work, and how they overcame a jobless market. This user-generated video resulted in our client’s engagement increasing by 15%.. Although we couldn’t have a full production for this video, we still were able to help our client share this important message.

“To the Class of 2020”. 

This message gained over 18,000 views proving it really resonated with its audience. Utilizing user-generated content is a great and authentic way to market your product or service and create trust with your customers during this time. See how Remedy can help your brand create videos with user-generated content and create impactful messaging for your customers and employees.