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Chick-Fil-A + Charlotte Hornets

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Chick-Fil-A Charlotte Hornets Video Shoot Behind the Scenes

Explore how we captured the training of two mascots to announce the partnership between Chickfila Charlotte & the Charlotte Hornets.


A True Partnership

KJM Marketing approached us with the task of creating a teaser video for the upcoming partnership between Chickfila Charlotte and the Charlotte Hornets. However, after viewing the finished product they decided to use this for the official announcement of the partnership. The KJM team wanted Remedy Films to create an announcement that was unique, fun and engaging. We were provided an inspiration video that featured two mascots joining together to highlight a partnership and we decided to take this concept to the next level. We have worked with KJM in the past, and they told us that they approached us again for this project because they felt that working with us felt like a true partnership. They feel that Remedy is a video production company that excels at navigating how to perfect a project so that both sides get what they want.


Based on inspiration from the client, we decided to create a fun piece including the Chick-Fil-A’s cow mascot and the Charlotte Hornets’ mascot, Hugo the Hornet. With this idea in mind, the team sat down and began to brainstorm how we can showcase the connection between the two mascots. Our Creative Director explored other movies and videos that told a story of two people/things coming together, helping each other and reaching a bigger goal. We felt like this was what a partnership represented and wanted to portray this through the mascots. We scanned our brains and went through different partners in cartoons, romantic teams, and ultimately athletic teams. Then, the classic scene came to mind…Sylvester Stallone training in Rocky 1. We pitched KJM Marketing the idea of a “Rocky” inspired video showing Hugo the Hornet training the Chickfila Cow for the upcoming partnership. The video was to parallel the Rocky scene and give a similar feel. A huge advantage we had for this concept was that we were able to source the track before beginning production which was something that really helped us depict this idea. The “Rocky-esque” soundtrack really helped portray our vision for the video before we even began production.


We know that as a commercial video production company, every project will have its own set of challenges and this particular project gave us a few. Since this was a remote shoot, we planned potential shots based on pictures of the different locations within the Spectrum Arena. Also, the video had a fairly quick turnaround time because the partnership was to be announced soon. This allowed us to have limited available dates for shooting. Because of the limited dates, we ended up sharing the arena with Disney on Ice as well as the Charlotte Hornets basketball team. Disney on Ice required the whole arena which meant we no longer had our big arena shot available. So instead, we took advantage of the practice courts, locker room, and training facilities whenever the Hornets weren’t using them. Also, since this was an upcoming partnership and we were creating the video to announce it, the two mascots weren’t allowed to be seen together in fear of spoiling the surprise. Therefore, we could not go outside and had to be cautious with our shots near the windows to outside. Another challenge we did not foresee was that the mascots’ costumes were not so basketball friendly. The thick foam around the head of the mascot made it hard to hear directions while the slick material on the hands of the mascots made it difficult to dribble and catch. All of these challenges required our team to think on their feet and rearrange the shots we had initially envisioned.


Due to the nature of the shoot and being at a remote location, we had a smaller crew to produce this video. This required us to be very intentional about the gear we brought into the arena. In order to execute the high energy feel of training, we shot with a C200 on an Easy Rig with Canon Cinema Prime lenses. We had to be really mobile during the shoot because we were shooting in 6 different locations within the Spectrum Center. Because of this, we did not have our normal video village, so we used a small HD with a built-in Teradek for the Director’s monitor. Also, because of the number of different locations we were shooting in and the limited time we had in these places, we used minimal light and took advantage of the natural lighting in each location. Due to Disney on Ice performing that night, we had to get our gear set up, film our shots, get packed up and leave the arena by 4:00 PM that day.


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Our post-production team had their work cut out for them to get this project created in time for the upcoming partnership announcement. When all was said and done, we were able to create a really great piece. We felt accomplished to have worked through the set day challenges and ultimately create something we felt proud of and that our client was pleased with as well. As an experienced video production company, we know it is rare for a project to turn out exactly how we envisioned and even rarer for it to turn out better, but that’s how we feel about the Chick-fil-A Charlotte and Charlotte Hornets Partnership video. We were very excited about the outcome of this project and were even more excited and surprised to find out that our video was picked up by whenever the partnership was announced. KJM Marketing said that after watching the video Chick-fil-A Charlotte and the Charlotte Hornets were both very excited about the fun, unique and engaging way this piece showcased their partnership.

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