We all know how quickly marketing trends across social media platforms can shift and change. So, while the social media platform landscape is dominated by several major players, it’s always worth capitalizing on the disruption caused by new-comers to the industry when they are able to take market share from businesses twice their size. We’re talking of course about TikTok, the video-sharing platform with 800 million active users worldwide. You may be unfamiliar with the platform and unsure if you should be utilizing TikTok for marketing and advertising purposes. Though TikTok has a unique culture and may not be for everyone, those with the key audience, as described below, can see big exposure and big return on their investment of time and money into TikTok. 

If you want to grow your marketing strategy or photo and video content for TikTok or any other social platform, Remedy is an atlanta-based video production company that would love to partner with your team to help strengthen your marketing plan for the rest of 2020. 

What Exactly is TikTok

The video-sharing social media platform TikTok was formerly known as a social media start-up called Musical.ly, which originally allowed users to upload videos of themselves lip-synching to short snippets of popular songs. China-based Bytedance acquired Musical.ly and saw an opportunity to merge the functionality of the app with one of its own popular applications, Douyin. Together, the apps would become TikTok in Western markets, while Douyin is still supported in Eastern markets. TikTok has evolved to allow users to create short video content and supplanted other social media platforms in certain demographic groups. It allows creative expression and provides an instant, accessible, and timely platform to record memories and share ideas in the moment. TikTok is a platform for social good. It promotes user authenticity, user special talents and skills, and continues to add the value of lip syncing to songs, music, and even user generated audio that can be shared by users. Considered a competitor of Google and Facebook’s offshoot applications, TikTok stands toe-to-toe with YouTube and Instagram. What makes it popular with its core demographic of young users is that it remains a user generated entertainment platform.  

Why Your Brand Should Be Creating Content for TikTok

The most effective video content is launched and structured for its audience using the platform. Properly leveraged by social relevance and trending topics, a business can achieve significant exposure for its brand, products, or services by producing short, funny, and authentic videos for your own TikTok account. TikTok is dominated by Gen Z with Millennials following after. If your brand’s target audience is either of these two categories this platform might be the key to gaining extreme brand exposure. For CPG businesses, especially those with trendy products, getting traction on TikTok could mean a serious increase in sales. Whether your brand is creating TikToks or partnering with an influencer, you can capitalize on the trending TikTok themes such as “TikTok made me buy it” where people showcase all of the products they’ve been influenced to purchase because of TikTok. So, while the platform might not be as effective for all businesses, if your key audience is trendy Gen Z’s, it’s time to hop on it and get to work on TikTok. 

What kind of exposure can you expect on the platform? Some statistics for you to consider:

Because TikTok is a newer platform, exposure for your content is easier to grow with trending hashtags than other veteran platforms like Facebook and YouTube. However, revenue statistics are tricky, with Bytedance holding financial data very close to the chest. However, the scope of exposure made possible by this application for the right brands can only mean an increase in new business over time.  

Let Us Help You Take Advantage of TikTok 

As an Atlanta-based video production company, Remedy works with a wide range of clients across multiple industries. If your business targets a demographic that includes Generation Z, and you’re looking for new ways to capture their attention with your video branding, then our professional video production team and marketing experts want to help you. Reach out today to see how we can help strategize a plan to create funny, engaging, and highly shareable branded videos or incorporate TikTok into the second half of your 2020 marketing plan.