Video content doesn’t necessarily need to be live action. Remedy can produce an animated version of the video project you had in mind. Whether you are launching a new product, showing a new technology, sharing information to your consumers or company, or simply increasing brand awareness, animated content is an effective way to communicate your message. Animated content allows your brand to create video marketing to drive traffic during a time when brand engagement is crucial to your business’ ongoing success. 


Why Animated Content

Animated content is a great way to engage your audience and spread your message. Actually, 76% of marketers say that animation videos have helped them to increase their profitability. Whether your company is large or small, it can benefit from animated videos. Animated content is especially great for showcasing your products and technologies, especially when there are multiple things to explain about it. Through animated video, you can show how your product is made, how it can be used in different scenarios, and its pros and cons. Animated video allows you to communicate abstract ideas better than live action video, which comes in handy for that new technology you’re launching. Some ways your company can use animated content is on your website, social media, how-to explainer videos, and email campaigns. Just adding animated content in your emails increases the click-through rate by 62%. 


A great benefit to producing animated content is you can save time and money and still get a positive ROI. Since you won’t be needing real time actors and a production crew, you will be able to cut costs that are normally included in a full day of production. With consumers saying video ads were the #1 way they discovered a brand they later purchased from and businesses confirming that 93% of them got a new customer because of a video on social media, incorporating animated video will allow your brand to prove increased ROI because of animated videos. In a time where marketing budgets are being cut, animated content is a concept to pitch to appease your financial team and still report increased traffic, engagement, and sales to your CEO. Utilizing animated videos in your marketing content is something to implement into your marketing plan for the rest of 2020 and for years to come. 


Proactive Marketing Partner

As soon as Covid-19 interrupted life as we know it, we began brainstorming the best ways to help our clients communicate with their customers. As the virus spread, and shelter-in-place became a mandate and a medical necessity, live action video became a future goal at best. Quite simply, without the ability to be with our team and produce videos, we felt stuck. As we started problem solving during the days ahead, we created unique ways that our clients could bond with their customers during a time when we all feel isolated. We brought one of our bold ideas to a current client. This client was not actively trying to produce a piece of animated content during this time, but when we shared our concept they quickly agreed this would be an effective marketing tool for their brand. This short and engaging 30 second animated video was utilized for paid ads on among other sites, their website and social channels. This was just one way Remedy has been able to be a true marketing partner to our clients. When you partner with Remedy, we get to know your brand so well that we can proactively pitch ideas we know are engaging to your specific audience. 

To have Remedy be your marketing partner and start creating animated content for your brand reach out today!