If you’re a small, fairly new business or startup, and you’re not already leveraging video content in your marketing strategy, then once you’re finished here you definitely need to pop over to Hubspot’s 2020 Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics and check out the section on the effectiveness of video marketing in modern marketing campaigns. We can’t speak for all Atlanta-based video production companies, but we can say that here at Remedy, our goal isn’t to convince you of the efficacy of video content, but rather support you in investing the necessary effort and resources into producing the best video possible. Today we’re going to dig into five reasons why you shouldn’t cut corners in the production of your first video project and how we can help to make sure you don’t.

It Will Be More Expensive to Fix Poorly Made Content

The goal of video content is to create highly engaging and useful branded material that helps your clients solve a problem they face in the course of the day. If you skimp at the beginning and focus on either production value or content, you’ll have a half-finished project at the end that doesn’t accomplish your goals. Worse, in order to create the right content you actually needed from the onset, you’ll have to further invest additional funds, and the poorly made content that was intended to drive sales traffic and increase conversion rates isn’t providing the ROI you expected.

Don’t Go Alone, Bring a Marketing Professional Along for the Ride

If you’re running a small business and you’re just getting started, chances are you don’t have a very deep bench of skilled marketing professionals you can lean on internally without impacting your daily operations. Partnering with our professional marketing team at Remedy will provide your project with a deep dive into your brand and product to ensure a directed approach to content creation giving your final project a bold edge.

Make the Right Video for the Right Reason

Even if you have a vision for your first video, your marketing partner should be suggesting content video content that will increase your ROI depending on the stage of business you’re in. For example, if your business is fairly new, you should be focused on product explainers and creative approaches to testimonials for your first video project. This can generate the brand interest and early sales traffic necessary to generate a positive return on your investment. If you’re with a company that has video content and a well known brand, you may be looking for a product highlight, a brand awareness, or social responsibility video.

More Content Gives You A Source to Mine for Future Marketing Initiatives

Modern marketing strategies and campaigns can greatly benefit from video content. As your first video project, we can work with your company over time to make multiple cut-downs of a concepted project so that your original video project becomes the foundation for shorter video clips shared across social media channels, the foundation for other commercial advertising projects, and various pieces of content that can be used across your website to educate and engage with visitors. All of that from a single investment in a powerful video production gives you the added benefit of reducing the costs of these additional advertising pieces and allowing the ROI on the single piece of marketing content to skyrocket. 

Make A Strong First Impression

Early investments in poorly designed and unengaging video content can destroy your marketing momentum before your business ever has the chance to establish itself with potential clients. You want a strong first video out of the gate to show potential clients that you are serious about providing them with great service and quality products.

We’ll Help You Make the Right Production Decisions

Your initial foray into commercial video production has to be handled with care. Not making the proper investment of resources and talent will result in video content that can’t possibly accomplish what you need it to in the early phases of your organization’s growth. Atlanta-based video production company Remedy wants to help your small business with your first video project. Explore our portfolio and get an idea of our pedigree, and then reach out to our client management team. We’ll help you properly balance your expectations against your budget requirements to ensure your first project lays the foundation for your future success.