The coronavirus outbreak in the United States has changed the economic and social landscape in ways that we’re still trying to navigate. As stay at home orders and shelter in place orders create new living and working dynamics, companies are looking for ways to help support and help others in the community and across the economy. As an Atlanta-based video production company, we at Remedy Films share our own strategy for engaging with and supporting other companies while maximizing brand engagement and creating long-term viable relationships with our commercial video production services. 

Encouraging Social Distancing By Focusing on Family Time

It’s important to create social distance between people in order to slow or prevent the spread of the virus in order to give our medical infrastructure the ability to support those who need medical care the most. Keeping distance outside of the house though, means that we’re spending more time at home with family. While it might be challenging to maintain the at-home orders for all but essential purposes, we have  joined with other brands across the Internet to inspire and support families staying home. In our video, “Community Support”  we shot a heartwarming piece reminding families to spend what time they can at home now to be with loved ones and focus on the positive.

Adapting Client Services to the Work-From-Home Routine

While the telework movement was growing prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus, vast swathes of the population are having to adjust to working remotely due to state-mandated social distancing measures. How do you maintain your brand and highlight how your organization’s employees are handling remote-work culture? We’ve created a promotional piece, “Home Together,” to share with clients a candid and honest view at how our employees are adjusting to working from home, and how they’ve been using that time to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones while staying focused on client needs and maintaining deadlines.  

Support Nonprofits Working to Give Back to the Community

During the stay at home orders, many people in need, especially children, are in need of meals and essentials. There are a number of nonprofit organizations throughout communities trying to lessen the pressures on families and others in need, and those organizations need all of the volunteer mobilization possible. We shot a short video showing how we worked with local non-profit, North Gwinnett Co-Op, to provide them with additional food and supplies for local families. Supporting nonprofits will help to maintain a sense of community stability and normalcy that will help everyone to face the difficult times ahead successfully. 

Follow the Golden Rule Online and Offline

Companies and organizations have the resources to help their communities and clients through engagement through their websites and in their offices where possible.

Share Your Resources As You Can

In times like this it’s important for businesses and organizations to support each other with the resources we have available. At Remedy Films, we have made our commercial video production facility, Form Factory Studio, available for the month of April to help churches and nonprofits with crews of five or less.  

Making the Best of a Difficult Situation

As a video production company in Atlanta, we here at Remedy Films hope that in sharing our story of some of the ways we’ve supported other Atlanta businesses, the local community, and our online audience, that we give other companies and organizations the guidance and inspiration they need to be leaders in their own communities. Reach out to our specialists to learn more about what you can do or how we can help you do more to help other brands.