As far back as 2010, marketers were already predicting how powerful video marketing content would become in the years ahead. Now, as we approach the midway point of 2020, marketers are seeing strong returns on investments in video content, and users are just as hungry for content as they have been for the last few years. Today, with 85% of businesses leveraging video as a marketing tool, you can’t afford to leave video content out of your inbound marketing strategy. However, just as with most creative endeavors, you might be intimidated by so many businesses already using video that you might be lost in a sea of content. As a commercial video production company, Remedy wants to inspire your business to take chances and be as aggressive in creating passionate and honest video content as possible. We feel that a three-step approach is necessary: don’t be afraid to emulate the success of others, invest in your vision, and market your content to influencers across the appropriate channels. Let’s dig into each of these more in detail, and wrap up with how Remedy can help your business bring these steps to life in the form of amazing video content.

Don’t Copy, STEAL!

Video content is about telling your company’s story and helping clients solve the problems they need to solve in unique and compelling ways. The challenge of course is striving to create original content in order to accomplish this, given that there is truly nothing new under the sun when it comes to storytelling and advertising.

The key isn’t to be truly original but to give effective marketing tactics and an original spin tied to your brand. Picasso said it best when he made the claim that “good artists copy, great artists steal.” The key to great marketing is to leverage powerful messages from your everyday life to use in marketing and advertising, as this keeps your message accessible, relatable, and easily recognized for what they are — solutions to common problems. Familiar concepts will attract more customers. Frame them within your specific messaging and provide underlying content that is unique and original to guide them further down the line in their journey with your brand.

Run Towards the Fire

Without investing in strong marketing support, great ideas for new products or expanded business services will remain just that — great ideas. It takes an investment of time, effort, and capital to push products and services from conceptualization to a minimal viable product and onward to a final product you’re comfortable marketing with your brand. If you believe enough in the concept, give it the modern advertising support it needs by investing in video content to support it.

Seek Out Fame

We are living in a time where we have the tools before us to market products like never before. Rather than focusing on traditional television, magazine, and radio advertisements, you have at your fingertips numerous platforms that will help you sing your own praises to the masses. Pay attention to and reward those who show that they understand the value your brand offers. Share your social media success with news outlet representatives to create organic traffic back to your brand along new inbound channels, and expand the impact your video content has on the success of your brand without spending anything on advertising. 

Partner with Remedy and Get Your Videos Noticed

At Remedy, we understand that while you might have the ideas that will bring your brand to the next level, you might not have the resources to bring those ideas to life visually. As an Atlanta-based video production company, we want to help you fill in the gaps. Our team of digital media professionals can help translate your vision to the screen, while our quality services ensure your investment in video content is effective in accomplishing your brand’s goal. Most of all, we want to help you be bold by bringing your vision to life, so that you can share the final product across your inbound marketing channels and convert leads into clients. View our video for 21 Tequila below and click here to see other examples of work we’ve created to grab our client’s customers’ attention.