85% of businesses are already using video and motion graphics so our team is able to focus on matching up client’s needs with the type of video content that will be effective for any company to succeed in the current economic landscape. While video needs might be different depending on the industry within which our clients are operating, we’ve found that there are three main types of videos every brand needs in their video marketing repertoire.

Let’s briefly outline the AIDA marketing model and how brand awareness, customer testimonial, and social responsibility videos should play into the overall branding of your organization. We’ve produced these style videos for our clients and would love to partner with your team to start planning how you can implement these videos into your marketing plan. 

The AIDA Model

A popular approach to marketing and advertising, the AIDA model revolves around building awareness, interest, and desire in your brand, and then inspiring potential customers to act on those behaviors during the conversion process. Commonly used in the digital marketing and sales strategy of an organization, the model helps marketing content creators guide customers through the customer journey effectively, maximizing conversions. 

Send Up A Signal With Brand Awareness Videos 

The economic landscape is vast and well-populated, and it’s necessary for new brands to build awareness out of the gate. It’s also necessary for existing brands to maintain and expand brand awareness over time if they intend to thrive and grow. In order to build awareness, many organizations have come to rely on brand awareness video content.

These videos are not only intended as ways to build recognition of your logo or your company name. While those are vital elements in the visuals you create, brand awareness videos are also intended to introduce your vision and your mission to potential customers and create the foundational feelings of trust they will need in order to feel safe as consumers to take further steps in the customer journey with your brand over others.   

Customer Testimonials Create Interest

Once you have the attention of your potential base of customers, it’s time to ramp up their interest and convert it into action over time through ever-increasing interest to learn more about your brand and a desire to share that interest with others. While several types of videos create these social proof moments, none are as powerful as showcasing your brand through the voice of existing clients talking about their experiences with your brand’s services or products. These customer testimonials can be gathered organically through social media or during the follow-up phase when their experience is fresh or when they’re on a platform where they are already primed to share their opinions and thoughts with others. This should be the second video you create in your initial marketing campaign to create intrigue and trust for future customers. 

Social Responsibility Pieces Spark Desire

After raising brand awareness and showing customer testimonials, the next phase is to show social responsibility within your company. With the current environment, we know everyone is trying their best to do their part to help. Whether it’s shopping local, helping organizations in your community or taking extra care of your employees there’s so many ways to show how your business is being socially responsible. At Remedy, we joined together to gather supplies for a local food bank at the start of the pandemic. We captured footage on our phones from our trip to the grocery store and from our delivery to North Gwinnett Co-op. We then pieced it together to form a short video showing how we were giving back to the community in this time of need. Using video to show this activity and share what you’re focused on as a brand in the community around you, will increase interest in your brand in very natural ways. 

Utilize What You Have and Call on Your Employees

For brand awareness pieces, much of that video footage should already have been created throughout your ramping up process or during the product or service development stages. With the necessary social distancing measures in place, it might seem more difficult to capture video for customer testimonials or social responsibility pieces . However, with many businesses having employees working from home, people are already primed to do something new and creative with their time, and there has never been a more appropriate time for a call for user-generated content than now. And with measures in place to reduce the number of individuals gathered,we are able to capture and edit video of your organization’s efforts to help the community in non-conventional ways and clean it up on the production side. 

And that’s where Remedy is here to help your brand. Once you’ve identified your brand and what you stand for, we can help show your potential client base just how passionate you are about the brands and services you offer. Whether we’re filming onsite following safety guidelines or converting user-generated content into a polished marketing piece, we’d love to connect and talk about your specific organization’s content needs.