3 Videos Your Brand Needs to Thrive


85% of businesses are already using video and motion graphics so our team is able to focus on matching up client’s needs with the type of video content that will be effective for any company to succeed in the current economic landscape. While video needs might be different depending on the industry within which our […]

The Importance of Brand Partners

Importance of Brand Partners Blog

The brands that survive the Covid-19 pandemic are going to be hard-pressed to navigate the new landscape without some very serious marketing strategies in place. As every business scrambles to come up with a path forward, Remedy is ready to trailblaze and clear the way for our clients with some solutions that are sure to […]

Are You Using TikTok?

Are you using TikTok Blog

We all know how quickly marketing trends across social media platforms can shift and change. So, while the social media platform landscape is dominated by several major players, it’s always worth capitalizing on the disruption caused by new-comers to the industry when they are able to take market share from businesses twice their size. We’re […]

Keep Your Messaging Simple

Keep it Simple Blog

Marketing has become an increasingly complex and complicated process of leveraging content and information across multiple inbound and outbound channels. Not only do we need to focus on the type of creative content like photography or video production, but analytics are also a must for a marketing team. Increasingly effective data collection, tracking methods and […]

Shift Gears To Stake Claim on Your Customers

Time to Shift Blog

When the whistle blows your team needs to be off the bench and ready to play. There’s no buffer time. If you wait until the whistle blows to start warming up, then you’ve lost; you’re out of the game. Atlanta video production company  video production companies  Atlanta video production companies  The same goes with marketing […]

3 Ways To Grab Customers’ Attention

3 Ways To Grab Your Customer's Attention Blog

As far back as 2010, marketers were already predicting how powerful video marketing content would become in the years ahead. Now, as we approach the midway point of 2020, marketers are seeing strong returns on investments in video content, and users are just as hungry for content as they have been for the last few […]

5 Reasons Not to Cut Corners on Your First Video Project

5 Reasons Not to Cut Corners on Your First Video Project

If you’re a small, fairly new business or startup, and you’re not already leveraging video content in your marketing strategy, then once you’re finished here you definitely need to pop over to Hubspot’s 2020 Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics and check out the section on the effectiveness of video marketing in modern marketing campaigns. We […]

Don’t Let Small Production Crews Limit Your Ideas

Small Crew, Big Ideas Blog

As stay at home mandates lift and businesses are opening back up, we want to continue to make health and safety our main priority. We know companies want to come back and hit the ground running and they should. Brands should want to make sure their name is out there and ramp up their marketing. […]

Reuse and Recycle Existing Footage in New and Innovative Ways


Last year, we were able to partner with Rumi’s Kitchen to create a hiring video showing off the culture and atmosphere at Rumi’s, seen above. As a video production company in Atlanta, we have worked with many Atlanta-based big brands. We have previously created content for our clients and we carry years of existing footage […]

Create Impactful Messaging with User-Generated Content

User generated Content Blog

In marketing, there’s a phenomenon companies have discovered that can be leveraged to their advantage. This phenomenon is referred to as social proof marketing, and the associated tactics are tied to how we consume and navigate social media content. It’s found that consumers engage with products more often and find more value in products endorsed […]