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Aesthetics, containers, and florals. Discover how these three elements created a beautiful project and brought together two creative teams.


Quality Tutorials with a Beautiful Aesthetic  

As the leader in on-trend decor, vases, planters, and containers for homes, businesses, and the wedding & event industry, Accent Decor knew the event industry needed quality tutorial videos and believed their loyal customers would receive a huge benefit from it. However, they were having a difficult time finding the right partner that understood design, had a beautiful studio and could produce premium tutorial content.

Ian Prosser arranging flowers for video shoot


This is where Remedy stepped in. Our team met with the Accent Decor team and immediately felt like we were meant to work together.  Not only did we speak the same design and creative language, our team was passionate about Accent Decor’s concept for this project. Once Accent Decor visited Form Factory Studio, they fell in love and knew it was a good match for their brand and overall aesthetic of their content. For this project, we filmed several tutorials demonstrating how to make stunning floral arrangements, with top of the line Accent Decor products, and hosted by world-renowned professional florist, Ian Prosser. Ian is well known in the floral and event industry and he is the founder of Botanica International Design & Decor. 


Initially, we wanted the project to be a voice-over so that Ian would only have to focus on floral construction. However, due to the quick turnaround and Ian’s busy schedule, we pivoted to capturing the process and Ian’s vocals live. We always love when talent prefers to provide their own wardrobe because it creates more authenticity to their audience. But, who could predict dressing for success could cause issues? Ian dresses very smart casual and while his shirts are sleek and perfectly fitted, they were also heavily starched. Due to the amount of action in each shot we were unable to boom the audio, so there were times we had to pause and retake each shot due to some excessive shirt noise from the starch. Trick of the trade: if you ever run into an issue like this, be sure to have a few backup, pressed, but NOT starched, pants and shirts on hand for talent. Be sure to do some research on your talent, and know what they prefer wearing. This will guarantee authenticity and comfortability of the talent.


Orange cinnamon rolls. That’s all you need to know about these 2 incredible days of production. Accent Decor took charge of craft services and catering and graced us with incredible bakery pastries from Evergreen Bakery and Butcher, in Atlanta, that a family member of the Accent Decor team owns. Our hearts and bellies were forever sold on the Accent Decor team after those! Our two days of production included a half-day pre-light day with one tutorial and second day capturing 3 tutorials. Since Accent Decor’s aesthetic is bright, trendy and airy we wanted the videos to mirror their brand as well. This meant shooting in the studio with natural daylight spill as well as supplementing key light with a lot of daylight fixtures. Since we would have 3 angles capturing simultaneously, we found an amazing piece of gear that allowed us to deliver all three cameras to our client lounge. With the Decimator multi-viewer, our clients were able to sit back, relax and easily view our client monitor displaying each shot being captured by our team, without having to navigate set to an on-camera monitor.  Directing Ian was a great experience and he is a true professional. Being in the floral industry, Ian is very creative and precise, so he was tough on himself to deliver things perfectly. Accent Decor was super generous and allowed our crew to take the finished arrangements home and earn a few points with our families!


Elevating the Client’s Brand

The videos were so well received from Accent Decor’s customers that they decided to return for another series of tutorials! Whether it’s tools or flowers, stories or products, if we have a good day together getting to communicate and clarify our client’s brand, then we’ve met our goal! Check out our BTS video below to get a first-hand look at on set fun.

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